MDI Cayman Then

Marine Diesel & Industrial has a long history in Cayman.  Owned and operated by 5th generation Caymanian’s and has been providing Grand Cayman with top quality Marine & Industrial generator services for over 30 years.

Left to Right
Bobie, Randy, Peter, Billy

Our employees are some of the best in the world.  They are part of the family at Marine Diesel and have been with the company nearly from the start!

With years of experience working together and working in Cayman our customers are provided tried and true service.

Island Boats

Marine Diesel & Industrial with sister company Islands Boats was in the shipbuilding industry providing high quality boats locally built in Cayman.

To this day we still have some of the original builds. We personally are still catching fish with them as well!

The crown jewel of those days was known as Miss Marine Diesel. She was the shop mascot and a fine vessel!

Today & The Future

Marine Diesel & Industrial shows no signs of slowing.  With our dedicated life long employees and arduous drive for quality the sky is the limit.

We’ve been through expansions, renovations, and every sort of difficulty you can imagine.  But what is built on a firm foundation will stand strong.  And Marine Diesel is built on the only Solid Rock.

We still every day work hard and play hard.  On a typical Friday evening the BBQ is lit up and the view is beautiful.  Come join the Marine Diesel Family and let us provide you the highest quality service.

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